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  • It is the largest Goshala in the Delhi NCR region with a capacity to serve about 5000 cows.
  • Two big ponds with safe drinking water for the cows.
  • Two doctors, seven compounders, 25 supervisors, and 150 Go Sevaks (devotee volunteers for serving the cows) always available.
  • About 25 thousand quintals of feed available for the cows.
  • Fodder-cutting machine with high capacity available for the convenience of the volunteers and the workers.
  • Arrangements of 55 rickshaws for bringing Go Graas (food for the cows) from many homes.
  • 5 tractors, 35 ox-pulled buggies always available for cleaning up.
  • Hundreds of donors contributing 500 rupees monthly for the service of Gomata.
  • Medical van for picking up the injured cows from the roads.
  • Special arrangements for (Godaan) Cow donation and Cow worship.
  • Every kind of fodder along with jaggery, available for offering to the cows.
  • Arrangement of special food for the cows at auspicious occasions, available. Bhandaras also available.

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