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Cow Cure Scheme

In Indian society, the cow is not just a creature. It is the symbol of our culture and civilization and that is why our scriptures give cow the status of the holy mother. The indigenous breeds of cows have changed a lot over time it is because of these qualities of the Indian cow that not only Indians but even the foreigners respect them. While on one hand, the milk of the indigenous cow is very beneficial, on the other hand, Go Mutra and other products of the cow are becoming increasingly popular among the people. Gomata serves us with selfless devotion, but look at the irony that our society is becoming increasingly insensitive to them. Metropolitans like Delhi are even more insensitive to Gomata. We can often see vagrant and helpless cows roaming on the roads and eating waste products. The cows also fall prey to many accidents. They also suffer from many diseases due to eating polythenes and other harmful products from the waste dumps. Looking at this pathetic condition of Gomata, Shri Krishna Goshala has started the Go Chikitsa Seva Scheme.

For connecting the common people to cow service, people are made members of this scheme for a monthly fee of 500/-. Under this scheme, Shri Krishna Goshala arranges for the treatment and shelter of the vagrant, helpless and injured cows on the streets. For this a strong team comprising of one van with lift (Gorath), two doctors, seven compounders, twenty five supervisors and one hundred and fifty volunteers, is always available. There are even arrangements of providing glucose and other medical attention to the injured and ill cows in the Goshala.


A modern hospital for cows is also available, with the help of the devotees. There is a proposal of making an operation theatre with every modern facility available, in which the injured cows will be given immediate medical care.

For this scheme, the devotees can donate money every month or in one lump sum. The Goshala has arranged for special ways to collect this money from the devotees. There are arrangements of picking up the donation from the homes or offices of the devotees. The Goshala worker goes to the devotee and provides him with a receipt on receiving the donation. This scheme has found much support of the people. Thousands of devotees have enlisted themselves under this scheme. For honoring the members, the Goshala arranges many programs from time to time. It was under this scheme that the devotees were honored on Gopashtami, in which more than 300 Go Bhakts were awarded with a beautiful memento and Anga Vastra (shawl).

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