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Cow Feeding Scheme

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Our culture believes that the house where Gomata lives and where she is served with devotion, is free of ailments. But for service, we need to fully devote ourselves and until our mind accepts that the cow is more than just an animal, until then we will not be able to serve it properly. Service is always offered to someone worthy, and until we believe that the object of our service is worthy of devotion and service, we will not be able to serve it properly. If we consider cow as god, and serve her accordingly then we will also achieve god in the process.

Even while the cow has got a special place in our society and we worship cow as Gomata, but the present condition of Gomata is a matter of grave concern. The increasing burden of urbanization has taken away the habitat of this divine creature. Today our Gomata is compelled to roam on the roads. We can see them search for their food among the waste dumps in our mega cities.

Shri Krishna Goshala started the Go Graas Yojana with this problem in mind. Our culture has always believed in the dictum, ‘first roti for the Gomata’. The Goshala has built this scheme based on this ancient tradition of India. Go Graas Yojana has been started to resurrect this respectful tradition and to respect the religious faith of the cow devotees. According to this scheme, the Goshala vehicle goes from home to home and collects roti, flour and other food products from their home and collects them. All this material is then brought to the Goshala by the evening.

At present 55 rickshaws are employed in the Go Graas Yojana. Through them, around 3500 kilo of rotis and other food products are delivered daily for the cows. For this scheme, a local Go Graas Committee is formed. This committee looks after the expenses of building the vehicle and for employing the labor used to drive them.


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