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According to the Ayurveda, Gau-Ark is very effective in controlling cholesterol and reducing fat in the body. It increases the anti-oxidants which increase our immune power and improves our health. It gives strength to the mind as well as takes care of the heart. It repairs and re-enervates the deteriorating tissues and cell membranes and even helps in cell regeneration. Go-Ark helps in reducing obesity, controlling cholesterol in the body, reduces the gall-bladder stone and even helps in joints pain. It gives strength and energy to the body.

Instructions: Mix two spoons Gau-Ark with water or honey and take it on empty stomach in the morning, once or twice.




Mouth Rouge
The mouth rouge relieves acne, skin diseases and heat rashes. Eliminates wrinkles, scars of the skin.
Instructions: Tejaswani (face powder) mixed with milk or water and applied on face, body, forehead.
Ingredients: Multani soil, ocher, cow dung, cow ark, neem leaf juice, sandalwood powder and camphor and celery oil.







Pure Gau Incense (Dhoop)
Pure incense is used to purify the atmosphere. Its use brings peace to the mind and enhances harmony in the environment.
Ingredients: cow dung and selected herbs






Cow Dung Cakes
These Cow Dung Cakes are used in the Yajna and other religious rituals. Burning them makes the environment pure. Burning cow dung cakes and ghee produces oxygen in abundance.









Cow Phenyle
pure, to create germicidal, clean, sattvic environment.
Benefits: Useful in cleaning and cleaning, as well as in the creation of high sattvic environment with the combination of Gaujharan, nim-satva, botanical odors and antimicrobials. Provider of spiritual benefits along with benefits of cow-service
Use Method: –
10 ml(1%) of Gau-Seva phenyle in 1 liter of water solution Wipe, spray or Use at your convenience
Shake well first.






Cow Dung wood
We are cutting trees for Around 70-80 lakhs cremation of death, brick kilns, boilers and any other means, due to which about 650 million trees are cut every year which causes 80 million tonnes of carbon dioxide is released. We cannot prevent ourselves to release this carbon dioxide into the environment. Today it is becoming difficult for humans to breathe.

But in India thousands of years ago, wood substitutes are available. In our texts Rigveda, Gita, Ramayana, etc., the use of cow dung wood is described, even today the cremation in the village is mostly done with cow dung cake.

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