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Festivals & Celebrations

Janmasthami Festival

Shri Krishna Goshala was inaugurated on the Janmashtami of 1995. Hence we celebrate this day both as Shri Krishna Janmashtami and as the Foundation Day. On this day, the old and the new devotees and supporters of the Goshala gather. They celebrate the birthday of Shri Krishna with singing bhajans and performing worship etc. Thereafter prasadam is distributed.



This is the special festival dedicated to the worship of Gomata. It was on the eighth day of the month of Karthik that Shri Krishna first went on shepherding with his friends. On this day, people come to the Goshala with great devotion in their hearts. It is no less than a fair on this day in the Goshala. Thousands of people gather here all day. They go to their homes only after accepting prasadam in the evening.






Maker Sankranti

For centuries, the transition of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Makara rashi (Capricorn) on its celestial path, has been celebrated as the festival of Makar Sankranti on 14th of January. It is believed that this day is very auspicious. Any good deed done on this day is sure to bring fruit. A large group of devotees visit the temple on this day. A large number of cow devotees visit here on this day and feed their favorite foods to the cows. The villagers organize a huge bhandara (a feast for all) on this day and all the devotees take prasadam (food offered to the gods and to the devotees) on this day.



The Annual Function

Every year the Goshala celebrates its annual function with much fanfare. This is usually celebrated in the month of January or February, on any Sunday. In the annual festival, a progress report of the Goshala is produced and plans of the coming year are discussed. Thousands of Go Bhakts (cow devotees) and the supporters of the Goshala gather to discuss things. Many noble men declare their voluntary support for the Goshala on this day. Those devotees who have made special contributions to the service of Gomata are especially honoured on this day. The program is organized under the guardianship of a saint.


Trustee, Patron Meeting Ceremony

This festival is organized on any Sunday of April month in any banquet hall or auditorium every ear. Trustees and Cow Devotees are honoured in this program.

There is a proper arrangement of cultural programs and food.

On this day, donations are donated by devotees to buy a year’s fodder for eating Gau Mata, thats why this program is also called Feed storage function.

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