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Sanatana Dharma and our Shastras consider Gau Seva (cow-service) a great service. With this principle in mind, ‘Shri Krishna Gaushala’ is serving cows day and night. It is the largest Gaushala of the Delhi region. The devotees and volunteers get to serve more than 8500 cows here. The devotees are impressed upon visiting the Gaushala and the activities that constantly go on in its huge premises. There are a lot of arrangements for the service of Gau Mata in this Gaushala. There are at least 200 Gau Sevaks at the service of the cows, at any given time. They take care of every need of the cows.

Shri Krishna Gaushala has made special arrangements for the helpless, orphaned and injured cows which roam on the streets of Delhi. It has made special arrangements for curing the injured cows. For this 2 medical van with lift facility and a team of doctors is always available for service. With the support of the devotees, a modern hospital (for cows) with every amenity is being constructed on the premises of the Gaushala.

Sanatana Dharma gives special importance to charity. Goswami Tulsidas has written in Ramcharit Manas, there will be special importance of charity and the name of Rama in Kaliyuga. Following this tradition, and for the convenience of the devotees, the Gaushala has made special arrangements for those devotees who want to offer fodder, jaggery to cows. There are also arrangements who want to perform Gau daan (donate cows). Fresh green fodder is always available for the devotees to offer to the cows. The devotees can also organize bhandaras (feasts) at auspicious occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and other important incidents. They can also serve Gomata by taking part in schemes involving Gau Chikitsa (medical care of cows), Gollak Peti (a fund for the welfare of the cows), Gau-Graas (a program of feeding fodder to the cows) etc.

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