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Scientific Importance of Cow

  • Cow milk has the highest strength to protect from radio radiation!
  • Cow’s milk prevents heart disease.
  • Cow’s milk enhances memory.
  • Cow dung has the power to destroy the cholera germ.
  • The germs of other diseases die from the smell of cow dung.
  • Yagya with 10 gm cow ghee produces 1 ton of oxygen.
  • The Carotene existed in cow milk increases the eyesight.Dung is beneficial in ringworm, scabies and injury.
  • Only one cow dung gives 45000 liters of biogas per year.
  • There is an increase of lactose in cow’s urine while giving milk, which is beneficial for heart diseases.
  • Cow mother’s milk is light but powerful. Drinking any amount of it does not increase obesity and is also beneficial in leucorrhoea of women.
  • Flies, mosquitoes etc. are destroyed due to burning of cow dung and deodorant is also destroyed.
  • Cancer is cured by drinking cow-urine on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Cow’s dung is rich in vitamin B-12, it absorbs radioactivity.
  • Disease like blood pressure is completely cured by turning hands on cow-mother’s body for 15-20 minutes daily.
  • The sattvic waves emanating from the body of cow-mother make the surrounding atmosphere pollution-free.
  • The smell of Gugal naturally comes from the body of cow and mother.
  • The sound emanating from the cow or of its calf destroys the mild deformities and diseases.
  • All these facts have been confirmed by the German agricultural scientist Dr. Julius and Dr. Buch.
  • According to American scientist James Martin, mixing cow dung and yeast with sea water, created a chemical that makes the wastelands green. Oil comes again in the dry oil well.
  • The number of cows in India is 76.4 million which gives 140 million tons of milk daily.
  • Italian scientist Prof. JE Bigred proved that many incurable diseases are cured with cow dung.

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