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It is the largest Gaushala (A Home for Cows) in the Delhi NCR region spread over 37 acre with 8500 cows.

Warehousing capacity of 65 thousand quintals of Animal feeds feed available for the cows.

A proper arrangement Green fodder, Jaggery, Sawamani, Sprouted grains, Ram roti and Gopal laddu etc. to feeding cow, for cow devotees who donate their gifts to Gautama.

On auspicious occasions special food(Gau Gras) for Cows and Provision of Bhandara for Gau Sevaks.

Arrangements of Worship material & Panjit Ji for Cow donation(Gaudaan) and Cow worship.

Special arrangements for Tuladaan.

2 Water pools with clean drinking water, especially for the neat cattle(Gau Vansh).

A Huge hospital with all the modern resources and facilities for the treatment of mother cow

4 doctors, 10 compounders, 10 supervisors, and 225 experienced Gau Sevaks (devotee volunteers for serving the cows) available round the clock.

Arrangement for cutting of 800 quintals green fodder per day for feeding Cows in Gaushala.

Arrangements of 55 Cycle rickshaws for bringing Gau Graas (food for the cows) from many homes.

Use of 6 tractors, 70 bullock carts, 5 cycle rickshaws and 1 JCB Machine for maintenance, catering and cleaning activities of cows in 124 sheds.

A monthly contribution of 500 rupees by the 1500 members/donors under Gau Chikitsa Seva Yojna.

Facility of Medical van with lift facility to picking up the injured cows from the roads for treatment.

Free foods for Go-Sevaks.

A school runnig inside Gaushala campus for childes of Go-Sevaks.

Suppy of Electricty iside the Gaushala by Solor Power.

Production of 1000 kg Protein-rich green fodder every day by the hydroponic for weak and ill neat cattle (Gau Vansh).

Complete record of all cows is available online.

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