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Surabhi Shodh Sansthan

shrikrishnagaushala_39Every effort is being made so that India becomes a developed country by 2020. But the villagers are tackling with disease, debt and poverty. Due to the lack of use of the traditional skills and regional resources, now more than 34 crore of people are compelled to spend a life below poverty line. And about 60 crore are compelled to spend an unemployed or semi-employed life. Due to the coming of the multi-national company many local businesses have gone under. In these times, keeping the need of the nation, expectation of the society and the problems of the cultural world in mind, Surabhi Shodh Sansthan is creating cow-based overall development projects. It has given rise to the possibility of providing food, shelter, clothing, education and medicine for the common man.

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